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About  Us

Long story short

We are a small group of dedicated individuals that got together to form this start-up to provide the great people of Edmonton, Alberta and later Thunder Bay, Ontario a service that is often over-priced, hectic and at times unreliable.

Seeing this need in the market, we made it our mission to provide services that are affordable, reliable and honest. With this vision, we cater to our clients with the mindset that we are here to make what you envision into a reality by working within your budget and providing the most feasible solutions where applicable.

We pride ourselves in being transparent, flexible and in having a cheery, helpful attitude towards our clients. We encourage you to choose ABNWorks for all your IT Solutions (break-fix and consultancies) and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Meet Our Team

The people who carry ABNWorks with their commitment and dedication while drawing inspiration from our clients!

Founder & Managing Director
A true technologist at heart and an entrepreneur with a vision to grow
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VP Application Development
A seasoned developer with ample experience and a fresh perspective
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Accounting Consultant
An experienced accountant with expertise in non-profit accountancy and taxation
Non-profit Business Consultant
A high-spirited outreach coordinator with experience in non-profit start-up consultancy